Cosmic Bounce House Rules

Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their child(ren) understand and obey the following rules, and are ultimately responsible for the safety of all those involved.

  • Each participant must have a signed waiver and wear a wrist band indicating waiver has been signed
  • No shoes worn on the inflatables
  • Socks are encouraged, especially in hot weather
  • No flips, summersaults, or any kind of gymnastic maneuvers on the inflatables
  • No climbing up the sides on any of the inflatables
  • No sharp objects. Please remove any objects that may puncture the inflatable
  • No wrestling or rough play
  • No jumping off or onto the inflatables
  • Only like ages and sizes on all inflatables
  • Do not go behind any of the inflatables and only enter from the entrance at the front of the inflatable
  • Do not sit, lean, or jump over or onto the inflatable walls
  • No food, candy, gum or drinks on the inflatables. No silly string near inflatables.

Please use sound judgement at all times. This list is intended as a guide, and does not replace any contract or waiver and release of liability.