Magnify OS

Cosmic is part of a novel type of company: an “entrepreneur engine”. It weaves together the most powerful aspects of popular philosophies to increase existing potential and opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and communities.

Magnify OS is the operating system that we employ. It runs on a robust set of eternal principles that enable success in everything from business to family life, and beyond.

A Venn diagram indicating the convergence of four ideas into Magnify OS. Those principles being HoldCo Philosophy, Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, Eternal Principles, and Teach Someone to Teach Someone to Teach Someone to Fish.
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Magnify Potential

Our primary focus is to magnify potential: that of our customers, company members, our community, our country, our world. 

We recognize our potential to change the world–one person’s world at a time.

We’re changing the world by providing superior services to our customers, and by investing in ourselves as individuals to do good better.

Member Development Initiative

Our mission is to magnify potential in our community—both the potential of our customers as well as our company associates. Because those who work for Cosmic aren’t colloquial “employees”, we call ourselves something more appropriate: Members.

We invest an exorbitant percent of our resources into providing opportunity for growth and development. This stems from our desire to foster a healthy community in Kingman.

The details provided on this page outline a rapidly developing initiative with the intent to showcase the importance we place on our Members. As we constantly iterate to improve, this plan is constantly evolving and may not accurately reflect what is being implemented. If you want to learn more, please reach out!

We utilize two programs to facilitate Member development: a general Training Program, and the Entrepreneur Program. While the two programs are interdependent, once a Member reaches Stage 3 of the Training Program, they may progress through each independently. It is not required to pass through each step before graduating to a higher stage (ie. it is not required to be a Team Leader to become a Coach). Both programs prepare Members for the same crowning achievement: to become a partner/founder themselves.

Training Program

Level 1 New Hire – Trainee: Learn the basics with 1:1 support 

  • Initial paid training, education at a training wage.
  • Period to gain familiarity with position and company prior to accepting an employment offer.
  • Employee must complete Training Checklist within 30 days, and be promoted to Level 2.

Level 2 New Hire – Team Member: Develop job skills and mindset 

  • Onboard with Company systems
  • Participate in ongoing trainings, integrate into the Cosmic team. 
  • Receive coaching to identify areas of strength.

Level 3 Team Member – Eligible for Entrepreneur Training 

  • Demonstrate mastery of job skills, ability to problem-solve, capacity to train. 
  • Willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Explore interest in Entrepreneur Training.

Level 4 Team Leader 

  • Heavily focused on magnifying the potential of other employees within the scope of responsibility.
  • May be sponsored to participate in external trainings or receive coaching to develop skills with the intent for them to be passed on to Team Members. 
  • Facilitate training and constant improvement, both on-the-job and training in Team Meetings.
  • Positions include: Route Leader, Shift Leader, Event Leader, Corporate Account Steward, Sales Steward, etc.

Level 5 Assistant Team Coach (analogous to an Assistant General Manager)

  • Apprenticeship to the Team Coach (TC).
  • Receive delegated TC responsibilities as needed.
  • Prepare for Level 6/7 advancement.

Level 6 Team Coach (analogous to a General Manager)

  • Oversee the overall success of Cosmic in a geographical location.
  • Support Team Leaders, and collaborate to strategize and generate opportunities.
  • Train others to assume additional stewardships and roles

Level 7 Head Coach

  • The Head Coach is the principal steward for the company.
  • Coordinate Team Coaches and their geographical areas.
  • Oversee team development, succession planning, and business strategy
  • This level is the same as Stage 6 in the Entrepreneur Program. See below for details. 

Employee Entrepreneur Program

Individuals exhibiting a well-rounded and resilient understanding of entrepreneurial principles are a tremendous asset to the community! This program aims to facilitate the growth of individuals with that desire to magnify their potential.

Members progress though these stages independently to the Training Program. These stages are not focused on until after the Member has reached Training Level 3.

Stage 1 Self Exploration 

  • Learn about EOS entrepreneurship types, Meyers-Briggs, tendencies/motivators, systems of influence, etc.
  • Learn about design thinking, develop a vision and life outline
  • Learn about mentorship, seek out mentor opportunities
  • Practice introspection, reflection
  • Business Education: profitability measures, etc. Aim to understand how things should be.

Stage 2 Value Proposition 

  • Learn about value (determination, offering, research, etc.)
  • Identify Genius Zone
  • Create personal value proposition(s)
  • Business Education: financial statements, etc. Aim to understand how things are.

Stage 3 Intro-preneur (Internal Entrepreneur) 

  • Deploy personal Value Proposition to add value to Cosmic
  • Implement internal policies to increase profitability, efficiency, etc.
  • Business Education: Practical education—receive support to reconcile how things are with how they should be.

Stage 4 Outro-preneur (External Entrepreneur) 

  • Deploy personal Value Proposition to add value to the community, aligning with the Cosmic vision and purpose.
  • Generate value in partnership with outside establishments, events, opportunities, etc.
  • Business Education: Practical education—receive support to grow things into what they could be.

Stage 5 Employee Entrepreneur (Business Grower) 

  • Deploy personal Value Proposition to add value to Kingman, contributing to the Cosmic vision and purpose.
  • Personal coaching to grow the Company’s offering in meaningful ways, while developing plans for a personal venture.
  • Business Education: Practical education—collaborate with executives and/or investor(s) to manage and develop an existing endeavor.

Stage 6 Partner/Founder 

  • Deploy personal Value Proposition to add value to the world, utilizing learned entrepreneurial principles to mobilize personal vision and purpose.
  • Company Owners will work with employees to support non-Company ventures that magnify the potential of community members. This may include financial compensation, capital investment, IP investment, coaching, education, etc.
  • Business Education: Collaborative exploration—mesh value offering with investor and market values in a new endeavor. 


As this is an endeavor to benefit the Kingman community, we are open and interested in collaborating with individuals and organizations to carry out this vision. Please feel encouraged to contact us, if not more than to pledge your support for this ideal.

Potential applicants who are excited about, interested in, and capable of this plan will not be barred from participating. Please refer to the Employment page (particularly suggestion #4) and contact us with questions.