First Fridays in Kingman, AZ

Sponsored By Cosmic!

In 2024 Cosmic aims to support the Kingman First Friday effort to make our downtown the best place to be on the first Friday of the month!

As part of the effort, we organize and provide bounce houses and water slides from end to end. 

A wristband purchased at any location is valid throughout the event! 

All participants must submit a waiver in order to participate, be familiar with the rules of participation, and follow staff instructions. 

When the weather is hot, please expect for most of the entertainment to be wet! Participants can wear street clothes or swimming suits, but shoes are not allowed (including water shoes).

Please feel welcome to reach out and pledge your support, or offer to help! The cost of wristbands helps cover staff and a portion of our insurance costs, but we provide the fun as an investment into our community.

General First Friday Event Information

The 2024 First Friday season begins in April, and goes through October. Businesses all along Beale St. will participate, offering deals, activities, pop-out shops, and more! Food trucks, nonprofits, information agencies, and other businesses will also participate with booths, activities, pop-up parks, etc.

Official First Friday information is available at, as well as the following social media outlets:

@KingmanFirstFriday and @KingmansFirstFriday for official announcements.

First Friday Facebook Page is where official info is shared. Check it out and follow for announcements, etc.

First Friday Facebook Group is where to go for community content, like downtown deals, pop-up merchants, nonprofits, and more!

First Friday has been a wonderful tradition in Kingman for many years. It is traditionally put on by members of the community. After being postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19, First Friday events began once again, facilitated by the Kingman Chamber of CommerceKingman Downtown Merchants AssociationKingman Main Street, and a small team of volunteers collectively called the First Friday Foundations Team.

Volunteers continue to be needed for the 2024 season! Downtown merchants interested in helping coordinate and spread the word about downtown events and activities may be interested in becoming a Main Street Block Champion. Other community members may be interested in becoming a First Friday “Roadie” to help with a variety of other positions. Please contact Sarah Ferry for more information on volunteering. 

First Friday: Jump for FREE!

Any amount you pay today can be redeemed as a credit towards any reservation at Cosmic in 2024.

If you pay $10, get $10 off!

Pay $20, get $20 off! 

100% money-back!

Rent a lawn game, tables, bounce house, pop-up canopy, etc. this summer and consider this FREE!

A waiver submission is required to participate. Rebate is not transferrable. Expires 1 year from the date of waiver submission.